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Fly Control - Start on time!

Maggots and flies cause many problems and inconvenience. An effective approach starts with seeing the first fly or when the temperatures rise again. As soon as the first night-frost is over and the daytime temperatures rise again, the danger of flies and maggots lurks again.

Did you know that only 15% of the fly population is an adult fly and the other 85% consists of eggs, maggots and pupae?

It is, therefore, necessary to start fighting eggs, maggots and pupae on time.

Without fly control you can be confronted with:

• Disease spread (including Salmonella, Mastitis, Streptococci and (Summer) wry);
• unrest in the animals, or even stress, which ultimately leads to a loss of production and a poorer feed conversion;
• soiling of products and materials;
• poorer feed intake that flies causes to feed

Buy 4x MS Madendood and receive 1x Delta-Fly & 1x MS Aza-Fly + Cardboards for free

A powerful Insect-Growth-Regulator (IGR) in active substance that prevents maggots shedding in the manure. As a result, the maggots do not grow into adult flies and fly nuisance is prevented. Maggots do not grow into adult flies, Long-lasting effect up to 12 weeks, Preventive fly control

Dosage: Scattering on litter: 250 grams per 10 m² | Spraying: Dissolve 250 grams in 1 to 4 litres of water per 10 m² | Using a watering can or similar: Dissolve 250 grams in 10 litres of water per 10 m | 20 kg Madendood is suitable for 800 M2

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