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Digital Coffee

In order to counter the Corona-virus, our advisors will now make less physical visits. The current technology available offers many opportunities to help each other from a long distance. Despite the tough situation with lockdowns in the entire of Europe, the care for our livestock will always continue. That is why MS Schippers is introducing video calling.
From this point on, we will start using “Google Meet”. This is an amazing piece of software made by Google that gives the people the opportunity to call, see and also show visuals from our shared computer screens. This way we can discuss everything from a long distance. It helps us to give our farmers added value and advise whilst also maintaining the current social distancing measures in place.


Digital appointment via laptop:


Your advisor will send you a link if you would like a meeting. Click on the link and then click on “Join meeting”. If everything went correctly, you should see your advisor on the screen and the dialogue can start. If the camera and/or microphone on your laptop do not work properly, we can also just call of course. However, sometimes visual interaction is necessary.

Digital appointment via tablet/smartphone:


Download the app from the app store “Hangouts Meet by Google”. If you would like a meeting then your advisor will send a link. Click on the link that you received then click on “Join meeting”. The digital meeting with your advisor starts now.

Digital appointment via desktop computer:


This format requires a headset and webcam to ensure audio and visual. If you want a meeting, click on the link that you received from your advisor. Next, click on “Join meeting” and you now have a digital appointment with your advisor. If you do not have a headset and/or webcam, then we can always just call. However, sometimes visual interaction is necessary.