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Cookie policy

We use functional, analytical and advertising cookies to make your online experience better. This page provides more information about how and why we use cookies.

Questions? Feel free to contact our Customer Service.

Functional cookies or necessary cookies

Functional cookies are there to make sure our webshop functions like it should do. For example there are cookies that provide the right information for the shopping basket and others that are making sure the payment functions are working correctly

Analytical cookies

With our analytical cookies, we collect, with help from third parties, statistics about the usage of our webshops by our users. By using this data we can optimize the user experience of our webshop.

Advertorial cookies

We do place cookies with an advertorial purpose on our webshop. It is something we are doing to give you the most relevant advertorials based on your online behavior. As well as this, we are using these kind of cookies to know which products and advertorials you have already seen.

Cookies of third parties

  • New relic: With this cookie we get insights in the performance of our webshops.
  • Amazon: This makes sure your session is being maintained.
  • Casengo: With this cookie it is possible to have a chat session with us, while you navigate through our webshop.
  • Selligent: We are using this cookie to send you relevant emails.
  • Google & Hotjar: By monitoring your browsing behavior, we can constantly improve our webshop and with that your user experience. Besides that we can show you the most relevant advertorials.

Personal advice

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