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No internet

Works even without an internet connection

"Don't you have internet in the stable? You can still to use the app."

Reorder easily

Reorder easily

We remember all the products you use. You can add these products into the basket directly from your homepage.

Scan products and order directly

Scan products and order directly

Has a product run out of stock? Scan the barcode and easily add the product to your shopping cart.

One time log in

One time log in 

You only have to log in once, then never again.


Product to basket and product page


Product in shopping cart

 Quickly add a product to the shopping cart from the homepage.

Scan function


Scan function

 Change a empty jug of disinfectant? Just scan it and order directly a new jug.

Multiple locations


Do you have more than one stable?

 No problem switch easily between multiple locations.

Would you also like to (re)order products quickly and easily?

Download our app now and discover the new features.

MS Schippers APP