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Rat and mice control

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Cleaning & disinfection

Animals can perform better in a clean environment. Keeps bacteria and viruses outside the door and prevents cross-contamination. Cleans rapidly thanks to the suitable cleaning agent and disinfectant.

Clean drinking water

Water is the source of life and the most important nutrient for each animal; therefore, top quality drinking water is essential for good health and maximum efficiency.

Fly control

Trouble with flies is a problem that every farmer knows well. They are not just a nuisance for people, they also affect farm results by spreading diseases and causing stress among animals.

Stable ventilation

Good stable ventilation is of great importance for the maintenance of the ideal shed climate in the animals. In a stable with many animals without proper ventilation, it can quickly become stuffy, humid and hot. Good health of the animals directly results in a higher yield for the livestock farmer.

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